Please send me any photographs that you have taken when out, bearing in mind the need for essential exercise and social distancing. I will upload as many as i can. From 1st April would like to follow an alphabet theme so Wednesday letter will be things beginning with A, but any before then will still […]

Jordan Update

Jordan Update – Due to co-ordination and fine motor skills he began to get frustrated with the strapless poles. We have moved to strapped poles and after marching for 2 sessions have now progressed to dragging. We are doing around 1 mile a day and this video is day 7. Occasionally we move to holding […]

1st Home Workout

Hi Please see a video workout for those of you who need a little support. This video has been prepared by the Team at WALX HQ – please follow the advice re suitability of each move and call me if you are new to exercise or have any concerns For this first video you need […]

Suspension of Walks

I had hoped my first post would be one about becoming an instructor and plans for expanding Chase Nordic Walking, however having effectively suspended all group walks until further notice I will now concentrate on getting as much set up as I can. I will also be honing my teaching skills on Jordan, my stepson. […]

Our Top Tips for a Good Posture

A good posture is essential for maintaining healthy bones, joints and muscles. As this is an area that a few of our walkers are working on, we thought some handy hints, tips and reminders would be helpful. Watch your posture change as you read this… ✅Never slouch when sitting in a chair. Push your bottom to the […]

Actress Sheila Hancock prepares for the role of a lifetime with Nordic Walking

85-year-old actress Sheila Hancock took up Nordic Walking to prepare for her new role in the film ‘Edie’, a moving story about an octogenarian who embarks on a mission to embrace her new freedom and climb a Scottish mountain following the death of her overbearing husband.–1340442/