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Chase Nordic Walking is your gateway to health and fitness delivered in the picturesque Cannock Chase and surrounding woodlands.  Nordic Walking is a unique way to exercise that everyone can do with a variety of training intensities that will help you achieve your goals. We recognise that everyone wants something different, whether you are simply out for a gentle social walk ending at a café or pub or high intensity Ultimate Nordic class or Ski Fit classes; aimed at getting you ready for the slopes.

Our classes are fun and enjoyable and are designed to get you fitter and more active, more often.  Chase Nordic Walking was started by Simon Booth-Lyons who is passionate about helping people to become as healthy, mobile and disease proof as they can be.  One of his favourite mantras is to ‘Strive for progress and not perfection’ so let’s start your journey today and see how much fun we can have as we take you along your journey.  It doesn’t matter how slow you go you will always lap the person sat on the couch!

Simon Booth-Lyons

After serving 22 years in the military as a fitness professional and the past 10 years within physical rehabilitation, Simon is well versed in a spectrum of training modalities. Qualified in spinning, Boxercise and circuit training as well as being a level 4 personal trainer. The physical qualifications are also supported by qualifications in nutrition, life coaching, obesity and weight management as well as GP referral; you can safely say that you are in good hands.

Simon believes that exercise is more than just ‘hitting the treadmill and weights’ which is what you get from any gym regardless what name you put over the door. We have a connection to people, we want to help each other and share in one another’s successes, and this is our fundamental reason for starting Chase Nordic Walking. This is where we connect to each other as well as nature and our surroundings, this is when we exercise the mind and stress truly subsides. Your inspiration will come from each other and the camaraderie will help you achieve more than you ever thought possible.

Exercising outside is a completely addictive experience, which is rarely hampered by the weather, and there is a certain increased sense of achievement when you return from a session in the snow and rain.  Our office, your playground will change you in many kinds of ways and we guarantee they will all be positive whilst being fun and enjoyable.


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