1st Home Workout


Please see a video workout for those of you who need a little support.

This video has been prepared by the Team at WALX HQ – please follow the advice re suitability of each move and call me if you are new to exercise or have any concerns

For this first video you need enough space to do spinal rotation and lunges.

Poles are optional.

If you do not have poles and find balance challenging be close to a wall if possible.

A chair or bench is needed for triceps dips (if you are indoors please ensure you are not on a slippery floor and if you replicate these moves outdoors in a public space be aware that benches etc could pose a risk of infection)

Please copy and paste the following link into your browser


Home Walx Workout on Vimeo
Home Walx exercise sessions you can do in your garden or around the home. All of our exercise sessions are taught by professionals and members or the Walx team

Updated: March 24, 2020 — 9:17 am